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Key Features


AnyLook-Platform is the basic software product of vision inspection.

It has the following key features:


● No Programming

: Due to the modular way, no programming is required.

● Scalability

: Easily combine various inspection tools to perform the desired inspection.

● Cost Saving

: Reduce time to design tasks for inspections modularly without coding.
  No additional investment cost due to inspection product changes.

● Flexibility

: Fast vision inspection of various types of targets simply by changing the jig.

● Compatibility

: Communication driver support for various external devices such as PLC and robot controller allows you to integrate production and inspection tasks.

● Suitable for small quantity batch production.


AnyLook allows anyone to easily inspect defects, and is a vision inspection solution that is specifically designed for difficult inspection conditions.

Non-professional engineers can configure modular inspection tools as easily as Lego block assembly to perform the desired vision inspection.


Existing general vision solutions require new coding each time as inspection conditions change, or require a professional programmer to do this.

In addition, if the inspection target changes, additional costs and time investments are required.


The “AnyLook” developed by 3DII provides about 27 inspection tools as modules to solve this problem and you can configure inspection tools to perform the desired vision inspection.


[Fig. 1] AnyLook-Platform


[ Introduction of AnyLook]



Main Tools


AnyLook provides about 27 inspection tools and you can configure inspection tools to perform the desired vision inspection.

● Brightness

It inspects defects using the brightness of the ROI.

[Fig. 1] Brightness tool

● Lines

It detects lines at the ROI (also you can measure the size).

[Fig. 2] Lines tool

● Pattern Matching

It detects specific patterns in the ROI.

[Fig. 3] Pattern Matching tool

● Image Arithmetic Operation

 : It inspects defects using the image arithmetic operation.

[Fig. 4] Image Arithmetic Operation tool

● 1D/2D Barcode

It detects 1D or 2D barcode in the ROI.

[Fig. 5] Barcode tool

● Blob

It inspects specific blobs using binarization of images.

[Fig. 6] Blob tool



Type of Inspections


AnyLook supports various kinds of inspection types such as Presence Inspection, Shape Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Surface Defect Inspection, Alignment/Position Inspection and Color Inspection.

Different types of inspections are available for each inspection type (see below).