InspecDOM™ is suitable for “Plastic Automotive Parts”, small quantity batch productions.

InspecDOM™ is able to enroll a lot of new inspection models & easily change inspection settings (areas, conditions, etc.).



Key Features


〮 Wide Coverage : can cover plastic automotive parts with various shape, size, etc..

〮 Flexible Usage : can inspect a lot of different of objects just by changing Jigs.

〮 Powerful Software : can detect wrong-assembled product, short shot(incompleted product),               distortion, measurement, etc..

〮 User-friendly Design

〮 Easy to Use & Maintain

〮 Various Option (Manual / Automatic Loading, Barcodes Reader, etc.)

〮 Reasonable Price




〮 Technical Data – H/W

– Specification  (e.g. InspecDOM™ – SA / changeable depending on the initial design).


– H/W Block Diagram





〮 Technical Data – S/W

– S/W Block Diagram



– S/W Scenario




〮 Case Study – Plastic Automotive Parts Assembly