VXRE is 3D cone beam CT reconstruction software based on FDK Filtered Back-projection algorithm.


〮 Function List



 Key Features

〮 Cone beam, fan beam, and parallel beam support

〮 Reconstruction simulation for easy manipulation of scan geometry parameters

〮 Dark / Bright Field Correction for detector correction

〮 Short-scan (180° ~ 360° scan angle) and Offset CT mode support

〮 Correction of truncated projection when the scan object is larger than cone beam FOV (Field-             Of-View)

〮 GPU based Parallel procession of back-projection process

〮 Custom Geometry XML support

〮 Ring artifact reduction

〮 Metal artifact reduction

〮 Beam Hardening correction for single material




〮 Dark / Bright Field Correction



〮 Outside FOV Boundary Artifact Correction



〮 Offset CT Mode



〮 Oblique CT Mode Support



〮 CT Geometry Correction (Offset / Tilt Angle)



〮 RAR (Ring Artifact Reduction)



〮 MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction for Dental CT)



〮 BHC (Beam Hardening Correction)