VXPI is an add-on module of VX3D, which can detect gas pores based on CT volume data.



 Key Features

〮 High Speed Pore Detection (e.g. about 15 sec in a volume of 2 GB)

〮 User-Friendly UI

〮 Porosity Report that shows porosity, location, size, and roundness of gas pores

〮 Pore Editing

〮 Color Mapping depending on pore size

〮 GPU based Parallel procession of back-projection process




〮 User-Friendly UI

– VXPI offers an user-friendly and easy UI for Pore Detection.



〮 Porosity Report

– The result of Pore Detection can be shown as a summarized report, which is also saved as an Excel file.

– It has Pore Volume, Surface Area, Number of Voxel, Roundness, Max. Diameter, etc. as well as a filter function.



〮 Pore Editing

– Users can remove/add the pores located in a specific area on MPR panel.



〮 Color Mapping depending on pore size