VX3D is 3DII’s software platform for the 3D visualization and analysis of volume data.

VX3D is optimized for analyzing volume data from CT scan and enables users to examine industrial components such as circuits, chips, or automobile parts as well as medical data.



 Key Features

〮 Various 3D Rendering Modes

〮 Working History & Undo / Redo

〮 Path Animation

〮 Reformat View

〮 Various View Modes – Panorama / Tile / Report View

〮 Measuring Tools

〮 Object Processing – 3D Filters, Mesh Extraction, etc.

〮 Object Alignment

〮 Intuitive Visualization Tools

〮 Create *.stl (Binary, ASCII) for CAD data support




〮 3D Rendering Modes

– Volume data can be visualized according to user’s setting.

– VX3D visualizes the input data on a real-time by applying a GPU accelerating technique, presents rendering images to users, and thereby makes intuitive understanding of the volume structure possible.



〮 Path Animation

With various functions on the 3D panel, user can create an animation by showing the path where the volume file moves and its change.



〮 Reformat View

– Reformat View designates the specific area of volume.

– Users can adjust the pitch, position, and direction(rotation) of the sectional image in order to     apply to the image file.

– The image file can be saved as JPEG, DCM, WMV.



〮 Oblique CT Mode Support

– Panorama View


– Tile View


– Report View



〮 Measuring Tools

– Users can measure Dimesion, Angle, Radius, Area, etc. with Measuring Tools.



〮 Object Processing (1) – 3D Filters

– VX3D processes a volume data according to the purpose of analysis by using filters.



〮 Object Processing (2) – Mesh Extraction




〮 Object Alignment

– VX3D aligns mesh data and volume data.