HADI-InspectionPro is a Template-based inspection software.

User can deploy HADI-InspectionPro as an Automated BGA Detection and Automated Void Inspection software.

It supports following inspection features:

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Key Features





Void Inspection

HADI finds out Voids which have weak contrast with the background.


HADI finds out defects on inhomogeneous Background.


HADI finds out voids even the ROI is larger than the object with no Edge Leakage.




BGA Detection

Simple BGA Detection

〮 HADI creates Circle ROIs to represent BGA Balls.

〮 HADI shows each ball’s radius size.


Advanced BGA Detection

〮 HADI finds Overlapped BGA Balls.

〮 HADI shows each ball’s radius size.





HADI support UDP Communication. With UDP communication, third-part software can fully control HADI through internet.