Key Feature

  • Working History
  • Project Load/Save
  • One Project Viewer
  • 3D Volume Processing
  • High-quality 3D Visualization
  • GPU Acceleration Technique
  • Multiple Language Packs



  • Working History – To allow users to undo/redo their work
  • Project Load/Save – To save current working history as a project file
  • One Project Viewer – To create a distributable viewer for a single specific report
  • 3D Volume Processing – To refine noisy volumes by 3D volume filter, generate a mesh object(STL) and provide volume segmentaion
  • High-quality 3D Visualization – To provide clear and photo-realistic rendering images
  • GPU Acceleration Technique – To enable real-time 3D rendering and fast volume processing
  • Multiple Language Packs – To support various languages (Korean/Chinese/Japanese/English)