3DII’s commitment to provide others with a clear insight through our innovative solutions and imaging software. The range of products comprising VX3D and HADI Series provides software solutions to analysis and visualize x-ray scanned objects.
3DII has been developing x-ray imaging software targeted on non-destructive test (NDT) for the purpose of industrial usages. By using various image processing and visualization techniques, our software offers various defect detection and analysis functionalities. Our software also provides users with intuitive user scenarios and refined user interfaces so that user can easily achieve their inspection result.
Almost of functions provided by 3DII’s software can be combined especially for x-ray system vendors into their own control software. This enables the x-ray system to be an automated NDT inspection tool geared towards the demands of inline inspection. Moreover, they can get special benefits that provide free of charge updates and upgrades for many additional and conventional functions.
Based on our software platform, 3DII has been carrying out various customized projects: CT Reconstruction and Manual Optics Inspection.