How can I update the product key?

1. If your product key is expired, send us the key ID to renew the key.

2. We will update your product key and send you "keyID.exe" file.

3. If you receive the update file, insert your key and run the file.

4. After that you can reuse the product key.

How can I check the product key ID?

1. Open the Internet and Connect to http://localhost:1947

2. Click the Sentinel Keys on the left side.

3. Insert your Product Key and identify the Key ID.

How can I delete the program?
1. Click the Window Start menu.
2. Click programs and select the program(ex : VX3D, HADI…) folder.
3. Click Uninstall program.
Which operating system is supported?

Windows 8/ 7/ and Vista (64-bit) are supported.
(Further information of system requirements is on the products page.)

Where is ‘3Dii’ located?
3Dii is located in the Institute of Computer Technology, bldg. 138, Seoul National University.
(Further information of location is on the company-directions page.)
What is a 'Team Viewer'?

‘Team Viewer’ is the screen sharing program. We use this program to remote control your computer for fixing your problem.

If you have problems with our software, install this program and let us know your ID and Password.

How can I use the product key?
Our software product key is a USB type. Insert the USB product key in your computer before you run the program
How can I install the program?
1. If you have a setup file, execute it. Click the ‘Next’ button.
2. Set the path of installing program and click the ‘install’ button.
3. If popup window about ‘DirectX’ is appeared, click the ‘Yes to all’ button.
4. Afterwards, reboot your computer.
How can I buy the program?

Please send us the product inquiry or contact us directly.

If you buy the program, we will send the setup file and the product key.