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Hadley dental care
Tapan Pujara
2019-12-06 17:07
There is no contact information anywhere. Your product is good but support is very disappointing.
No one responds back. Also I have not received any response requesting a demo. How can you expect someone to buy a product without any communication or demo or a support phone number. Please improve your communication
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  • 2019-12-06 18:39
    Dear Tapan Pujara,

    This is 3DII.
    We are very sorry for the belated answer.

    Your question was delivered to the team in charge, but the person who was to write back is currently on a business trip, and seem to have missed it.

    We have sent your question to the team again.
    They will answer you back by email as soon as possible, but no later than next week.
    Please let us know if you haven't received one by the end of next week.

    We ask your forgiveness. Also, we will look into the support part like you said, and prevent it from happening again.

    Kind regards,