Dentiq Guide

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Key features

  1. Dental manager
  2. Case setup
  3. Load data
  4. Tooth removal
  5. Crown design
  6. Alignment
  7. Draw arch curve
  8. Nerve setting
  9. Implant placement
  10. Guide design
  11. Result
  12. Save to




Dental manager – Patient registration and data management


Case setup – tooth number selection for Implant


Load data – CT scan data and optical(intra-oral) scan data loading


Alignment – Alignment between CT scan data and optical(intra-oral) scan data


Tooth removal – For immediate implantation after extraction


Crown design – Crown Positioning and modification


Draw arch curve – To make panoramic view and cross sectional view


Nerve setting – To consider position between implant and nerve


Implant placement – Implant Placement based on crown position


Guide design – To make and design guide surface


Result – To export guide STL, Project file, surgical report and drilling protocol


Project Save – To save current working history