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Attended “Greater New-York Dental Meeting 2018” in New York, USA  (2018.11)

        3DII attended “Greater New-York Dental Meeting 2018” in New York, USA.


Attended “Dentech China 2018” in Shanghai, China  (2018.10)

        3DII attended “Dentech China 2018” in Shanghai, China.


3DII was selected as a 2018 Korea research & development TOP 100  (2018.11)

        3DII was selected as a 2018 Korea research & development TOP 100.


DentiqGuide received FDA certification for US sales (2018.07)

        DentiqGuide received FDA certification, and will receive CE certification in the near future.



[NOTICE] Business trip for U.S and Europe (2018.08~09)

        We are planning to go on business trips to U.S. and Europe.
        Please let me know if you want to distribute DentiqGuide.

             1. U.S.–> August
             2. Europe –> September


New functions will be released in August (2018.08)

        You can design temporary crowns when planning implant surgery.

        Click link if you want to watch the videos on our Youtube.

          ☞ Watch the “Crownonly”

          ☞ Watch the “Implant Temporary”



Sidex Booth (2018.06)

        3DII has a cooperation booth in the Dentis booth. Many dentists and technicians are interested in Dentiqguide and Zenith D 3d printer.


Won the Director of IITP(Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion) prize (2018.05)

        3DII won the prize of Director of IITP(Institute for information & communications Technology Promotion).


[새로운SW][신SW상품대상]쓰리디산업영상, ‘덴티큐 가이드 1.0(DentiqGuide)’ (2018.04)

        쓰리디산업영상(대표 김규년)은 3차원 CT 영상과 3차원 구강스캔(모델 스캔) 영상 기반 환자 맞춤형 임플란트 식립 가이드 솔루션 ‘덴티큐 가이드 1.0(DentiqGuide)’를 소개했다.

덴티큐 가이드1.0은 치과용 CT 진단 분석 프로그램 ‘Dentiq3D’ 기반 기술로 만들었다. 쓰리디산업영상은 턱 골격구조, 상악동 위치, 빠진 치아 부위 분석·진단 솔루션을 개발한다. 임플란트 수술 가이드를 설계하고 3D 프린터로 가이드를 출력한다. 단계별 진단뿐 아니라 크라운 위치 중심으로 수술 계획도 마련한다.

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Attended Vancouver PDC2018 with E.D.I. (2018.03)

        This conference was held in Vancouver. One of our local Distributor, EDI displayed DentiqGuide. They are becoming solution sales company with 3D Printer, Dental Scanner, Exo-cad and DentiqGuide.


Attended Dubai AEEDC2018 (2018.02)

        This conference was held in Dubai. It was great to promote DentiqGuide and our Partner`s Surgical Guide Kits in the Middle East.


Selected as the K-Global 300 by the Minister of MSIP (2018.02)

        3DII was selected as the K-Global 300 by the Minister of MSIP.


Signed M.O.U with R&DB Platform in SNUDH(Seoul National University Dental Hospital) for Cloud system (2017.12)

        3DII and SNUDH signed M.O.U. for developing dental imaging cloud system.



Sales and CS team training in Samsunvina for DentiqGuide (2017.12)

        DentiqGuide training for Customer Service and Sales Team.



Dr.Diem meeting in Vietnam, Saigon(Hochiminh) (2017.12)

        He is one of great Dentist for Implant guide Solution in Saigon(Hochiminh). 3DII Dental sales team manager, Mr. Song was visiting his clinic and training center.



Attended Vietnam ICOI(HSDI) with Samsunvina (2017.12)

        Samsunvina make reservation booth in ICOI(HSDI). Dentiq-Guide was displayed by them.



Presentation in SNUDH(Seoul National University Dental Hospital) Seminar (2017.12)

        DentiqGuide overview by Boram Kang from 3Dii at SNUDH.

        Click for watching video